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Martin Roll chaired a private session for a select group of CMO’S

Martin Roll presidió una sesión privada para un selecto grupo de CMO´S

Within the framework of the CMO Summit Mexico, a private session was held, led by Martin Roll, main speaker of this premium event designed for marketing and communication professionals in the region in the new era.

Within the framework of the CMO Summit Mexico, sponsored by Latcom, together with other large companies, a private session was held, led by Martin Roll, main speaker of this premium event designed for marketing and communication professionals in the region in the new era. During the meeting, Roll referred to the main challenges of CMOs at a global level and responded, advised and discussed with those present, on how to manage strong global brands and how to build the leadership of high-performance marketing-oriented companies.

The meeting with Roll was attended by Valentín Bueno, CEO of Latcom; Alejandro Ahuad, CEO of PetCo Mexico and Latam; Etienne-Charles Nobert, country manager of Ubisoft Mexico; Gustavo Quiroga, president of Quiroga Media; Fernando Silva, CEO of Brainlabs Latam; Mariano Serkin, co-founder of Isla; Carlos Marín Tamariz, global marketing director of Sanki; Ana Paulina Velázquez, marketing & public relations deputy director of Mitsubishi Motors; and Marco Zúñiga, general manager of Latcom Mexico and Central America.

“This almost hand in hand with Martin Roll, whose consultant is based in Singapore, with extensive experience in the Asian market, was very enriching. Your approach on what Latin American brands can learn from the experiences of Asian brands is very productive. Asia is by far the greatest commercial and business threat to Latin America and the West, and not because of its costs, but because of its education and work capacity. In the West we discuss shorter working hours every day when in Asia the regimes are 12 x 6, from 9 to 9 six days a week. In Asia, the development of technology is impressive and that keeps them at the forefront of the world. In China alone there are more than 150,000 kilometers of expressways and high-speed electric trains, 15,000 kilometers more than in the entire West. He argued that luckily people in the West do not buy technology but brands, brands that represent something to them and he developed a very interesting concept: brands are saving the West, because at a higher cost and worse technology they subsist for what they represent”, highlighted Valentin Bueno, Latcom CEO.

In his review of the meeting, Bueno added: “Regarding Artificial Intelligence, obviously this is a great change in humanity, although he notes that it is very oversized and noted that something similar to what happened with the Metaverse is happening. A huge communication device for the positioning of an innovative product. Referring to the media, he pointed out that he considers that the structure of the media as we know it has changed, that the distribution of content is Multiverse or transversal to all the media, and that messages must be distributed in such a way that they cross all the media. , without distinction of systems”.

Martin Roll is an experienced global business strategist, senior advisor, and facilitator for Fortune 500 companies, Asian firms, and family businesses. He advises clients on building and managing strong global brands, as well as leading high-performing marketing-driven companies. He is CEO of Martín Roll Company with more than 25 years of experience in advising boards of directors and executives. He advises several prominent global boards of directors and business families, and mentors next-generation leaders in business families, startups, and high-growth companies.

The CMO Summit Mexico had its main session this Tuesday the 30th, in which the Danish consultant Martin Roll was the main speaker, an exclusive inspirational video of the global CMO of Mastercard Raja Rajamannar was also shown, it included the presentation of the CMO of Mercado Libre Sean Summers, two discussion panels, one with the most effective marketers in Mexico and another on new advertising formats and the delivery of the Marketers Mexico Awards.