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London and New York receive Colombia as a tourist destination to promote

Londres y Nueva York reciben a Colombia como destino turístico a promocionar

Reactivating tourism and promoting the charm of Colombia is one of the main objectives of ProColombia, the government agency in charge of promoting exports, international tourism and foreign investment. Within this framework, it has carried out an impressive campaign in London and New York, two cities that welcome 33% of all tourists worldwide.

In collaboration with Latcom, a company specialized in outdoor advertising (OOH), the “Finding Charm” campaign was launched, whose objective is to highlight the attractions of Colombia, a country with a vast geography that offers impressive landscapes, majestic mountains, exuberant jungles, rich history, vibrant culture and a varied gastronomy.

Given the diversity of tourist options that the destination offers, a technology-based strategy was implemented and large digital panels were used in Times Square and Piccadilly to capture the attention of the target audience. The creative of the campaign included a QR code that invited to enjoy a premium series without the need for a subscription, which shows the different regions of Colombia.

This 6-episode series not only highlights the different geographies of Colombia, but also its gastronomic variety, culture, art, music, mysticism, and the warmth of its people. The strategic choice of these two places with high pedestrian and vehicular traffic made it possible to reach the target audience, achieving more than 356,000 views of the “Finding Charm” series.

Each of the 6 chapters focuses on one of the 6 regions of Colombia, a country that invites you to immerse yourself in a dance of cultures, flavors, music, and history. The web series presents 6 travelers with 6 personal missions that travel through Colombia from end to end, accompanying the viewer in discovering the true charm of our country.

The answer is found when exploring the musical tradition of the Greater Colombian Caribbean, the ancestral flavors of the Colombian Pacific, the incredible nature of the Colombian Amazon-Orinoquía, the artistic enclaves of the Colombian Western Andes, the infinite paths to discover in the Colombian Eastern Andes. and the mysticism that surrounds the Colombian Massif.

These 6 stories reveal numerous unique destinations to visit in Colombia. Through the gaze of a photographer, the exquisite seasoning of a chef, the art of an outstanding muralist, the rhythms of a renowned DJ, the spirit of a dedicated athlete and the pen of a talented writer, we invite you to discover the thousands of facets and wonders that the vast Colombian territory has to offer. Each chapter offers exciting adventures in each of the 6 destinations that are explored throughout the series.