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Mcdonald’s & Latcom present its summer campaign in the main cities of Argentina

McDonald's lanza en Argentina su campaña de verano desarrollada por Latcom
  • Generating brand awareness through the communication of the launch of the new Grand Tasty Spicy
  • And with two attractive murals in Mar del Plata communicating the McFlurry Chocotorta

Argentina, January 31, 2024.- McDonald’s, the largest fast food restaurant chain in Latin America, has started 2024 by deploying a major OOH campaign in the country’s main tourist centers. Latcom, a company specialized in Out Of Home at a global level, was in charge of developing and executing their summer campaign in Mar del Plata that was central to the communication of the launch of the new Grand Tasty Spicy Triple.

To the unique flavor of the classic Tasty burger, the exclusive spicy sauce was added. The communication focused on this point announcing that now “La Tasty se picó!” (which would translate to “The Tasty spiced up!”).  The new Tasty Spicy campaign was developed in two stages: During the first two weeks of December, the image of the product was communicated with a teaser campaign that consisted of not revealing its name, by means of a physical strip that covered the name of the sandwich. And a second stage in which all the strips were uninstalled, thus revealing the name of the product: “Spicy”.

Karina Vázquez, Commercial Director LATAM and USA LATAM at Latcom, commented: “The tease we used in this stage of playing with the ‘se picó’ allowed us to make ad-hoc messages according to the location of each placement, such as ‘se picó en Chascomús’. The campaign’s media strategy aimed to generate impact using columns, routes, medium formats and screens, and achieve coverage and frequency through the use of street furniture, mobile billboards and bus back-wraps, as well as huts at Varese and La Perla beaches and Paseo Aldrey Shopping. Additionally, in a non-traditional format, we created two attractive McFlurry Chocotorta murals in Mar del Plata.”

“For the brand, the summer campaign is one of the most important milestones of the year. For this reason, we have given a great deployment to this campaign at the beginning of 2024 on the Atlantic Coast. We also have pressence with entertainment, gastronomy and sustainability actions and activities open to the public in our main branches on the coast,” says Noelia Junco, McDonald’s Marketing Consultant.

Latcom is a company specialized in OOH media, created to satisfy the demand for out-of-home advertising in outdoor, indoor, digital, transportation, mobile and cinema media. Provides local and regional services for Latin America, in the three phases of the business: planning, implementation and control. It employs more than 200 people directly and has a wide network of strategic partners for commercial and operational management in more than 18 countries in North America and Europe, with current projection to the Asian market.

McDonald’s is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in Latin America and the Caribbean. Arcos Dorados has the exclusive right to own, operate and franchise McDonald’s stores in 20 countries and territories in those regions including Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mexico , Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela. Since 2007, when we consolidated regionally, we continue to commit to the same commitments that guide our path: quality of food and transparency; generation of formal employment for young people; support for communities; sustainable supply chain and environmental impact; Diversity and inclusion; innovation of experiences for the whole family, are some of them.