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MICROSOFT released an Artificial Intelligence regional campaign 2020

MICROSOFT released an Artificial Intelligence regional campaign 2020

To communicate its developments in information technology during quarantine times, the technology company entrusted Latcom to implement a regional campaign in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

The technology giant Microsoft, in the wake of COVID 19’s global pandemic, aimed to communicate solutions and tools designed in technology development to help companies that have employees who work from home, or people who reinvent their businesses or are essential workers.

Through Latcom, a regional campaign was implemented in the main cities of Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, focusing on targeting men and women of SEL AB-C1-C2, to increase sales, providing knowledge of their tools and redirecting traffic.

In Argentina, the communication was made in Buenos Aires, using a mix of media that included large formats, making an impact with Led screens located on the main avenues. The main coverage area were buildings considered essential, health centers, with a high flow of traffic vehicles and pedestrians, near the train and metro stations, commercial business.

While in Colombia, the campaign was implemented in Bogota and Medellin with large formats located in the main avenues of the areas of essential companies. It was also communicated through street furniture, generating coverage and frequency in major commercial areas throughout the daily journey of the target audience.

In Mexico City, it was communicated through Large Formats located on the main avenues and highways, with a high traffic flow, high foot traffic pedestrian areas, galleries and business areas. Digital clocks were also used in the city’s most important neighborhoods such as Santa Fe, El Pedregal and San Jerónimo, in strategic locations facing vehicular and pedestrian traffic and during day and night.

MICROSOFT released an Artificial Intelligence regional campaign 2020